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Dear student, prospective student, respected parent, esteemed partner/collaborator, invaluable stakeholder, reliable friend, great admirer of Coal City University (CCU), Enugu may this message meet you at the very best of your moments.

It is with an absolute sense of humility and honour that I seize this great opportunity to introduce and welcome you to a budding and an emergent bastion of learning - Coal City University - a unique learning community informed by the founding fathers’ ideals of excellence in research, teaching and learning delivered through the hub of Information and Communication Technology.

Our vision “is to be a citadel of learning poised to engender a mastery of critical thinking skills which will manifest in the ability to apply the concepts and knowledge acquired to real life situation” while our mission is to “promote self-developmental educational process that will challenge and stimulate students’ potentials for creative thinking by exposing them to information and communication technology which would assist the actualization of self-development.”

The great labours of love of the founding father of this University, Rev. Fr. Professor Stan Anih, of blessed memory, and that of some others who worked closely with him especially the Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of our University, Sir Chinedu Anih, who pursued this dream to a logical end speak loudly as you step into the University. The role of Venerable Professor Chinedu Nebo (former Vice-Chancellor University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Federal University Oye Ekiti from where he went on to serve as Minister of Power, Federal Republic of Nigeria), as Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of the University completes the story of a sound foundation.

It is my great privilege to introduce Coal City University (CCU), a unique learning community founded on the ideals of our founding fathers, to you. Coal City University is located in a serene and inviting environment at Kilometer 3, Enugu-Abakaliki express way, Emene, Enugu, Nigeria. It shares its western boundary with Ekulu River and is generally referred to as ‘River’ Campus.

As people with fervent believe in the creative powers of the critical and inquisitive mind, our founding fathers dreamt of and worked for a university capable developing students into persons of sound mind in a continuous state of inquiry for knowledge driven by the desire to solve practical problems of humanity and society.

We have a clean, serene and a very inviting environment that reinforces creative thinking as we recognize that our students’ ability to think imaginatively, creatively, innovatively, resourcefully and functionally, is reinforced by an environment that is serene and inviting. This serenity and ambience of our ‘river’ campus continue to be the key to the unlocking and unleashing of the excellent creative academic thoughts of both students and staff.

Coal City University therefore has its focus on training students with the orientation of believing in their ability to acquire knowledge capable of transforming themselves into great agents of change and consequently transforming society and humanity especially through information and communication technology skills.

CCU being a private university is very conscious of its responsibilities. The University realizes that its license has been granted to her to essentially help in increasing access of our growing youthful population, not just to university education simpliciter, but to quality university education. Each time licenses are granted to Private Universities, the government emphasis her believe that access to university education would increase in such a way that is proportionate to the increasing number of universities. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily happen for the simple reason that one of the greatest challenges of Private university education has to do with affordability of the cost.

In line with this concern to discharge the enormous responsibilities which this challenging but exciting mandate places on her shoulders, our academic programmes which span across many disciplines are prosecuted by a set of highly motivated and competent staff complemented by high quality state of the art facilities in a very inviting aesthetic environment conducive for creative thinking with en-suite on-campus accommodation are all delivered at an incredibly modest and affordable cost.

Our mission recognizes that knowledge in the 21st century is driven by Information Communication Technology (ICT) characterized by globalization through which the world has become ‘nano-sized’ and indeed ‘nanonized. Consequently no one or institution has any excuse to live in isolation or to depend solely on its own strengths and capacities. In addition to partnerships and collaborations already in place, CCU is open to collaborations and partnerships with other institutions, all stakeholders and people of goodwill who have great interest in quality higher education.

Welcome to Coal City University.

Malachy Ikechukwu Okwueze Ph.D.

Professor of Religion, Culture and Development,